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Some questions to ask before contacting us about filming:

What will the finished product be used for? There are many ways to visually pass information and distinct looks and techniques can help, so a good starting point is to know whether the video is to be used in teaching, for knowledge exchange, marketing, etc. knowing who the target audience is, what the aim of the video is, etc. will all help define how it is to be filmed and edited.

See also What can I use Strath.TV for? & Which type of video do you want to make?

How much will it cost? In most cases there is no charge for our video production, however we do recommend that material is captioned and there is a requirement for teaching material to be accessible. Transcription and captioning is carried out by an external company and there is a cost involved.

See Captioning for more details

Next Step: email us with your requirements.


Searching: for material already on

Embedding: a video (or a clip) into other pages, e.g. MyPlace.

Creating: a clip from a video rather than using it all.