University of Strathclyde

Topic: "Scottish Doctoral Colloquium" in Researchers

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    A Researcher's Guide to Ethics


    Calvin Burns

    "A Researcher's Guide to Ethics" presented by Dr Calvin Burns, CPsychol Associate Dean, SBS This presentation was given as part of the Scottish Doctoral Colloquium in Business & Management May 2012.


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    The Role of Theory in Doctoral Research


    Paul Thompson

    Theory is probably the most important resource for a successful thesis, but tends to be neglected in research training. Furthermore, the distinctive contributions of many theses are constrained by under-theorisation. Using practical example, this session will explore the uses and misuses of theory, examining at what points theory does or shou...


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    Quantitative Modelling & Forecasting Methods in Social Media and Energy


    Jooyoung Jeon

    How does a researcher choose a quantitative model that may be of some real value? This talk will describe how to accommodate real world questions in quantitative modelling in two fast-growing areas: social media and energy. The potential applicability and merits in the two areas are explored with specific examples: (1) box office revenue fore...